Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cleantech is Dead, Like the Internet Was is 2000

A very good panel discussion on Cleantech Investing...

Some Key points...
1. The name "cleantech" is a) being expanded beyond clean energy and b) may change all together.
2. The Web and Mobile are underlying technologies for cleantech.
3. If the idea requires a policy change don't go there.
4. Cleantech + IT is emerging as an opportunity. 

From Gigaom...
Throughout 2012, I’ve often heard entrepreneurs and investors working on technologies like clean energy, smart grid, electric cars and even biofuels, talk about the future of the term “cleantech.” It’s an umbrella term that describes very disparate sectors and was created to explain an investment class that has become less attractive to investors over the past 18 months. So, will cleantech as a term die, or morph into a new term? Or will it survive and stick as the preferred name to classify companies looking to address a coming era of resource constraints?

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